The Archimage Wars: Necromancer of Irkalla ebook!
The fifth novel in The Archimage Wars series, Necromancer of Irkalla, is finally finished and in the hands of publishers. You should see it start showing up tomorrow, at Amazon, and within a few days at Smashwords. iTunes, Barnes and Noble and other ebook sellers will follow over the next two to three weeks as the book gets distributed.

Sorceress of Atlantis Audio Play completed!
The second novel in The Archimage Wars series has been made into a Full Cast Audio Play! It is now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Here is a link to the Audible version.

NexLord: Dark Prophecies Audio Play now available!
We finished the audio book play for first novel in the fantasy series, NexLord. This one is called Dark Prophecies. It is a Full Cast Audio Play. It is now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Here is a link to the Audible version:

Audio Play of Wizard of Abal (The Archimage Wars)
I have produced my first Audio Play for any of my novels! This is a FULL Cast production, using many voice actors to play the various roles in the novel and there is also a layer of sound effects. Check it out, here:

Wizard of Abal published... and FREE!
The first novel in The Archimage Wars series is now available at an eBook seller near you! However, if you would like an absolutely free copy of this novel, go to this URL: The Audio Play version is in production at Audible, and will be available in a few more days.

The Archimage Wars: Audio Play, Book 1, Wizard of
I have nearly completed my first audio play for one of my novels! With the release of the first novel in The Archimage Wars series, Wizard of Abal, I will also be releasing a version of it as an audio play. This is MORE than an audio book, I've used voice actors to play different characters from the story, and there are sound effects layered in as well! Look for the audio book at Audible and iTunes in May, 2016, though I'll post an exact date when the time comes.

The Archimage Wars: Book 3, Demon of Annwn
The Third book in The Archimage Wars series has been finished, and the first draft gone into editing. Now that I have completed the third book, and am in the middle of writing the fourth, I'm finally getting ready to start publishing the series, starting with book 1, Wizard of Abal. Look for it in ebook sellers starting in May, 2016.

Citadel of Sorcery:Sand Box or Theme Park MMORPG?
I recently added a new blog post to my blog page, this one going over if CoS is more of a Sand Box or Theme Park MMORPG, I think you might be surprised by my answer. You can find the blog here:

The Archimage Wars: Book 2, Sorceress of Atlantis
The second book in the Archimage Wars series has now been finished, and the first draft of Sorceress of Atlantis is going into editing. Like Book 1, I will be holding this back until further into the 10 book series.

Wizard of Abal
Though the book is finished and headed into editing, I won't be publishing it for some time. This is the first book in a ten book series, and I want to make sure that I don't need to make changes to the story.