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Cathexis Forthcoming
Dragon Slayers
The Archimage Wars: Sibyl of Terra

Concluding The Archimage Wars series with the tenth novel, our hero and pals must travel back to where it all started, Earth.  There, Abaddon must have a final cataclysmic battle with the mastermind behind all his woes and then settle, once and for all, who will become supreme ruler of the universe!

Expect this novel by the end of 2020.

Sybil of Terra
Archimage Wars


Kingdoms of Magic: The Red Band

This will be the first novel in a new Epic High Fantasy  series which takes place on the world of Eeramon.  There will be many kingdoms, various types of magic, and plenty of new races.  Tieing it altogether will be a host of intreicate plots and, most importantly, many interesting and engaging characters.  For example, there is Mylus, the White Sage, Barak, the weilder of the Corpusblade, Trinity, the Shadow Walker, Azon, the Battle Magus, Mazer, the cursed, Xirean, the Assassin's apprentice, and young Kendra, a simple farm girl caught up in a crasy plot.

Expect the first of many novels that will be set in Eeramon, and it all begins in 2021