Here is a glimpse of novels still in the works

Essentially Dead
What if you woke up with no memory of the past, but you could see the future? You have a photographic memory, but you don't recognize your own face. You have the skills and reflexes to kill, but not the desire. What were you? What are you? This is a strange odyssey in the mind of a man who could be, essentially, dead.

Fool's Star
This series takes place in the MMORPG world of Citadel of Sorcery, and is a prequel to the game story. In Book One we follow the adventures of Caternia, a young sorceress with a problem; she believes that she is jinxed. Travel with her and her companions through exciting adventures as they are part of the fall of the Golden Age into barbarism, where humans are the hunted food of demon kind. Caternia must brave her way through the catastrophes in which she took part, and solve the greatest riddle of their time to try and save humanity from itself. We called the demons to us, and now, if we would survive, we must go through the fire.
But there are secret forces, powers and weapons. Out there, someone prepared for the fall of civilization, and Caternia must unravel all the secrets while trying to survive while the Reflected Worlds collapse into insanity. Fool's Star, book 1 is nearly complete, but I will not be publishing this novel until closer to the Citadel of Sorcery game release.