Here is a glimpse of novels still in the works

The Archimage Wars: Magnus of Nibiru
Continuing The Archimage Wars series with the eighth novel, our hero and pals must travel to the Nibiru home world in a race to procure the antidote for the Mage Virus from the Friare wizards, but the Archimages of other Houses want it as well. Whoever has the antidote could unleash the plague on all the other Houses and end the Ascension Quest once and for all!
Expect this novel by summer of 2019.

Kingdoms of Magic: The Red Band
This will be the first novel in a new High Fantasy Epic series which takes place on the world of Eeramon. Many kingdoms, many types of magic, many new races, many plots, and most importantly, many interesting characters, Like Mylus, the White Sage, Barak and the Corpusblade, Trinity, the Shadow Walker, Azon, the Battle Magus, Mazer, the cursed, Xirean, the Assassin's apprentice, and young Kendra, the leader.
Expect this novel in 2019

zONE: Brethren of the Ark
Continuing the zONE series with the third novel, Brethren of the Ark will take up the adventure of the Zones aboard the ill fated voyage of the Ark ship, which is heading through deep space for a new Earth like planet. Aboard are a host of 'undesireable' folk from Earth, chozen by the past would be ruler of Earth so that he could rid himself of any 'problems'.
Expect this novel sometime in 2019 or early 2020.