The Cathexis series is a traditional fantasy with all the trimmings: good, evil, love, hate, humor, sorrow, great heroics and the darkest villainy. However, Cathexis is not set in a typical fantasy world. Don't expect to find elves, dwarves or goblins. The creatures and magic system are unique to the world of Cathexis. If you liked Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, you will enjoy The Cathexis Series.

In this epic tale, the forces of magic come from two sources, the power of life and the power of death. Sorcerers use the power of life and their strength is measure by their natural living aura, while Necromancers bargain for the power of death across a rift between the living world and the Dark Plane.

Besides the opposite faces of magic, there is a unique element in this world, one that holds a simple power that makes this rare metal the most precious in the world. It is named 'cathexis' and an object made from this metal creates an imprint of the person who wears it. This imprint is a thinking copy of their mind and personality and even has the ability to hold their living soul when they die. With a Cathexis artifact, you can, in essence, live forever. But there are only nineteen and both the metal that made them and the art that molded them are lost.

It is important to note that the Cathexis story is a set of four novels, but it is comprised of two trilogies interwoven. The first trilogy begins with book one and has its main climax at the end of book three. While the second trilogy really gets started in book two and has its large climax in book four. Both stories follow the same characters and are interwoven seamlessly to the point where the reader is unaware yet allows the story to have two major climaxes.