Dragon Slayers, Incorporated is a California company that handles any kind of job, even if it seems impossible. If you meet their fee, they will solve your problem, guaranteed, and they have never turned down a job, or failed to deliver.

But, something has gone terribly wrong; their current job has been sabotaged. They end up in a fantasy world with a Chevy Van, and various other pieces of modern technology (which are all acting very strangely) and things keep getting stranger by the minute as fantasy monsters and other oddities start showing up.

This is a light hearted and humorous look at fantasy, with elves, vampires, trolls, ogres, goblins, pit fiends and, of course, dragons. And though this might seem like standard fantasy fare, things never quite go as they, or you, might expect.

Join the DSI team in a world gone quite mad, as they take on the most impossible job of their careers!