Professor Hamilton wakes up in a hospital, wondering if he has had an illegal brain smear, since he is now missing parts of his memory. He must go on a journey of discovery to find out why he is the most wanted man on the planet, and the most wanted Pirate in the Zones.

He must enter a series of virtual reality worlds that are based on the great works of entertainment, art and literature.

His adventures alternate between an Earth ruled by the iron fist of a totalitarian government, whose agents are nicknamed 'Zombies', and the Zones, where he travels through different virtual reality worlds, like: Deathworld, Wonderland, Hyperborea, Trekkie space, and many other famous stories.

While in the Zones Thorten is hunted by the faceless Dragoon squads of Zcerebral Incorporated. To survive he must find the secret Pirate stronghold, gain his own amazing Pirate Ship, and use it to set sail across the various Zones to discover the true nature of these strange worlds and how the Zones started.

The hero must face the dark powers that control everything, and while doing so, discover the truth about his life. This is a story of adventure, mystery, romance, science fiction and pirates, all set in the future, taking place inside many of the famous stories we all love and cherish.

Come join 'Z' as he jumps down the rabbit hole, literally, with his trusty Steward Loki, and his Pirate companion, Mary Read, on an adventure as crazy as Alice in Wonderland mixed with Star Wars and the novel, Captain Blood