zONE is a Science Fiction series set on Earth, not too far into the future. However, things have changed on our planet and not all for the better. Join our heroes as they take on the evil regimes bent on ruling the world with totalitarian regimes.

Their adventures will take them to the virtual reality worlds based on the great works of entertainment, art, and literature, called the Zones. There, they must uncover the hidden people behind all the plots and then stop them from succeeding while also discovering the truth about their lives.

Against these powerful enemies, our hero’s only have their skills as code sculptors and a special simulated intelligence companion who speaks to them in thought. Yet, there is a hidden hacker community, and the top code sculptors of the resistance all play the parts of famous pirates from history and literature. They call themselves the Brethren of the Zones.

Come join our heroes as they jump down the rabbit hole, in some cases, literally, with their trusty Steward programs and Pirate companions as they take on adventures as crazy as Alice in Wonderland mixed with Star Wars and the novel, Captain Blood.