A four book Epic Fantasy Series
Book 1: Necromancer's Dagger
Necromancer's Dagger
Book One of Cathexis

The Ardellen family is struck down by a dark conspiracy and must rise again and take on an evil that has been in place for three thousand years. This is a story of magic, battle, love and friendship, a wondrous tale of high fantasy, of good and evil.

Book 2: Conspirator's Coin
Conspirator's Coin
Book Two of Cathexis

In Conspirator's Coin the Ardellen family must face necromancers, shape changing priests, and a dark and secret plot. Only their training in the art of aura magic and their loyal friends can save them. 

Book 3: Sorcerer's Ring
Sorcerer's Ring
Book Three of Cathexis

A young sorcerer is bent on rescue and ends up facing ancient evil in a mythical place. His band of friends must travel far, through many challenges, to reach their goal. 

Book 4: Desecrator's Sword
Desecrator's Sword
Book Four of Cathexis

A war between the necromancers and the sorcerers will culminate in a titanic siege and battle. Our heroes will finally meet their dark enemy in a battle arcane.

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