Novels by Philip Blood

Cathexis Series
Cathexis (4 novel series)
Necromancer's Dagger, Conspirator's Coin, Sorcerer's Ring, Decorator's Sword

Experience the saga of the Ardellen family as they battle ancient evil using their aura powers of magic and the rare artifacts made from Cathexis metal.

NexLord Series
Nexlord (3 novel series)
Dark Prophecies, Black Chains, Grim Realities

Follow a group of young people foretold in prophesy, and guided by a mysterious old woman, destined to save the world through the magic of a Nexlord and their Bondsman.

zONE Series
zONE (3 novel series)
The End and the Beginning, Pirate Code, Brethren of the Ark

Join the hero, who goes by the name 'Z' as he tried to discover his past while battling the Zombies and Dragoon from Zcerebral, Inc. inside the fabulous Zones and on dystopian Earth.

The Archimage Wars Series
The Archimage Wars (10 novel series)
Wizard of Abal, Sorceress of Atlantis, Demon of Annwn, Seeress of Yaochi, Necromancer of Irkalla, 
Huntress of Tartarus, Divinity of Elysium, Magnus of Nibiru, Warlock of Sheol, Sibyl of Terra

Nicholas is a wizard with a bad attitude. He has lost his memory, and can't remember how to do magic, yet everyone on the 10 worlds is trying to kill him.

Dragon Slayers, Inc.
Dragon Slayers Incorporated (1 novel)
Dark Prophecies, Black Chains, Grim Realities

DSI is a company in California, who, for the price, will take on any job, even if it seems impossible.  But what happens when a team from DSI ends up in a fantasy world?  Strange and humorous things begin to take place as they travel around in their chevy van, with a, now sentient laptop and other odd things.

KOM Series
Kingdoms of Magic (2 novels, so far)
Wizard's Weapon, Baneful Wizardry

In the world of Crateria there are many forms of magic, but there are also lands where magic doesn't work.  Strange races abound in the magical lands, while humans rule the mundane lands.  There are many evils battling for supremacy across the continents but, secretly, the gods made a weapon which may change the balance of power.

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