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My novels are listed to the left, in the order in which the series or novel were completed.  The Archimage Wars series has just been completed, which is why it is on the bottom.


Following that, you may see what I'm planning on finishing in the near future, in 'Forthcoming'.

Please feel free to browse these novels.  Just click on a series or book title.  Then, in the following pages, you may switch to an individual book in that series.  You will also find Download and Order links for each novel, in ebook, paperback, and, in some cases, audio play formats.

Who doesn't like free stuff?  I will admit, however, that I have an ulterior motive.  If you read the free first book in one of my series, I'm betting you will enjoy it enough that you will want to read the rest!  Still, you get to read an entire novel, for free, as a way to see if you like the characters, world, and story!  Here are links to my novels where you may download and read them for free:

Cathexis:   (FREE!)

Nexlord:   (FREE!)

zONE:   (FREE!)

TAW:   (FREE!)