A three book Epic Fantasy Series
Book 1: Dark Prophecies
Dark Prophecies
Book One of Nexlord

A mysterious old woman named Mara comes to teach four children who have been foretold in two dire prophecies. The kids have wild adventures while forming strong bonds. Mara teaches them to fight, and much more, for the mysterious old woman knows what the future holds for these children, and their coming will shake the world.

Book 2: Black Chains
Black Chains
Book Two of Nexlord

A young man has suddenly become a NexLord, without knowledge of what that means or the powers it conveys. Opposing him are all the evils of the world: Dreadbeasts, Wraiths, evil cults, and dark prophecies.  The new NexLord and his friends battle a world gone mad, where everyone seems to be their enemy.

Book 3: Grim Realities
Grim Realiteis
Book Three of Nexlord

The young NexLord must try to remove the dark shroud over his heart by going into the deadly Strangelands. Soon all the mysteries will be unveiled in shocking revelations. The NexLord and his Bondmen must try a desperate ploy to enter the Fortress of Fear where the Dark Prophecies foretell his doom and other Grim Realities. 

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