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I am a writer of Science Fiction & Fantasy novels

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These are the series I've written and one new one I am working on now, plus one standalone book.

I've done many things in my life but, in my heart, what I enjoy most is creating stories for people to experience. I invite you to come into one of my worlds. There, through the characters I create, you will get to know the real....
Philip Blood

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Dragon Tattoo

About Philip Blood

Philip is a published author of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels. His love affair with these genres began when he was eleven years old.  He spent the next 20 some years reading every book he could get his hands on, mostly from the Fantasy and Sci Fi genres, though he did also read quite a few Mysteries and Westerns.

In college, he majored in Communications and minored in English.  In the mid-seventies, he imported some pamphlets for a newly emerging game, before it became popular... that game was Dungeons & Dragons.  In that game, he discovered an outlet for creating stories by writing and being the GM for his own D&D campaigns.

Phil's work in creating new worlds for D&D led to his writing of his first novel series, called Cathexis.

Since then, Mr. Blood has continued to write and has now published twenty-three novels, mostly written in series.
Most recently, Philip finished started work on a new traditional fantasy epic series, Kingdoms of Magic. He has finished the first novel, Wizard's Weapon, though he is waiting to publish it after writing more of the series. He is currently working on book 2, Baneful Wizardry.

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