The Archimage Wars

A ten novel Urban Fantasy Series
Book 1: Wizard of Abal
Wizard of Abal
#1 The Archimage Wars

Nicolas is a wizard… and he is kind of an ass. Worse, he is so angry, sometimes he forgets to use his brain!  Join this once powerful wizard as he begins a journey of discovery, redemption, and growth as he unravels a wicked plot. To survive, Nick must relearn his wizard skills and become a decent man...or die.

Book 2: Sorceress of Atlantis
Sorceress of Atlantis
#2 The Archimage Wars

Nick now heads for the fantasy world called Atlantis where he must relearn to use the magic he has forgotten.  All is not what it seems as Nick's wild tale continues while he starts to unravel the mysteries of this new fantasy world! 

Book 3: Demon of Annwn
Demon of Annwn
#3 The Archimage Wars

Nick now heads for the world called Annwn! He must survive this dying world while expanding his powers of magic.  Nick discovers a deadly assassination plot and must decide what to do while he hunts the Unspeakable.

Book 4: Seeress of Yaochi
Seeress of Yaochi
#4 The Archimage Wars

Nick's adventure takes him to the  world called Yaochi where he must survive the monsters roaming the ground, by trying to stay in the giant treetops.  If he survives the journey, he must find the Seeress who sees dark visions in his future.

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Book 5: Necromancer of Irkalla
Necromancer of Irkalla
#5 The Archimage Wars

Our hero(?) travels to the dark world of Irkalla, where he must contend with the perpetual day and night side of this strange planet, where the Neromancer rules from her bloody throne.  Nick also uncovers the truth of his own darkness within.

Book 6: Huntress of Tartarus
Huntress of Tartarus
#6 The Archimage Wars

With everyone on ten worlds out to kill him, Nick hides on the world of Tartarus, the home world of the hunters who have been seeking him all along.  There, he must bond with his enemies, or die. 

Book 7: Divinity of Elysium
Divinity of Elysium
#7 The Archimage Wars

Now Nick has to travel to Elysium, the world where god lives and rules from his golden thrown.  Nick must battle up the seven tiers to reach the seat of power for a confrontation with this supreme being. 

Book 8: Magnus of Nibiru
Magnus of Nibiru
#8 The Archimage Wars

Our hero is now on his way to Nibiru, home of a strange race that spends most of their lives high on odd drugs.  But the person behind all the plots that have plagued Nick is hiding on that world.

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Book 9: Warlock of Sheol
Warlock of Sheol
#9 The Archimage Wars

Nick now travels to the hellish world of Sheol, where he must seek out his past and become what he once was before his memories were stolen, finally reclaiming all his powers, and facing his enemies in a massive battle of the armies from multiple worlds.

Book 10: Sibyl of Terra
Sibyl of Terra
#10 The Archimage Wars

In the conclusion of The Archimage Wars, Nick finally faces his darkest enemy in a battle that will settle, once and for all, who will rule the Ten Worlds, and all of the universe.  The truth will be shocking. 

Below are options on how to obtain The Archimage Wars novels in ebook or print copies.

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