A three book Epic Science Fiction Series
Book 1: The End and the Beginning
The End and the Beginning
Book One of zONE

In zONE, T.C. wakes up in a goop kitchen, with a splotchy memory and Zombie agents of Zcerebral Inc. after him on Earth, and Dragoons hunting him in the Virtual Reality worlds called the Zones. Follow the most wanted man on the planet, or the Zones, as he tries to unravel the truth and solve a great mystery, while he goes on an adventure through famous stories and settings.

Book 2: zONE
Pirate Code
Book Two of zONE

CJ Deveron is in trouble… her parents have gone missing, assassins are after her, the Zones have gone crazy, and her, once, perfect world is crumbling down into chaos. She must go into the virtual reality worlds of the Zones, battling the Demon Horde, the fell Spider Pirates and the mysterious Spawn to find the lost Z-One!

Book 3: zONE
Brethern of the Arc
Book Three of zONE

Z has been forced to join a 100-year voyage on a doomed Ark, as it travels across the void of space toward a new planet named Duo. Yet, long before it arrives, all the colonists will be dead, as each takes their stint as a server mind and, eventually, burns out. It is up to our hero to uncover the truth, reveal the players, and save the Arc! 

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